• Worked to more fully staff and equip the Anchorage Fire and Police Departments

  • Worked to move the Anchorage Police Department headquarters to Downtown.

  • Supported the sale of ML&P to Chugach Electric to improve efficiency, lower cost, and downsize government.  I fought to ensure the ratepayers in the ML&P legacy service area, who currently benefit from wise investment in the Beluga River Unit gas fields, will maintain the benefit of the investment until the value of the field is expired.  By my count, I saved rate payers $100 million dollars over the next 30 years.  Also supported the Settlement Agreement among the intervenors which will provide an additional $36 million dollars in rate reductions for residents in our district and the legacy service area.

  • Worked to achieve the adoption and implementation of Anchorage’s first Climate Action Plan.

  • Led the initiative to reduce single-use plastic bags in the environment as a waste reduction and litter prevention strategy (of the climate action plan).

  • Provided stewardship during 2018 Anchorage Earthquake Declaration of Civil Emergency for the municipality during the earthquake response.

  • With Austin Quinn-Davidson leading the charge, successfully advocated the Federal delegation in Washington DC to make sure FEMA funded their responsibilities in Anchorage.

  • Successfully advocated the Federal delegation for funding to help in the previously stalled Port Modernization Project.

  • Successfully moved a Charter Amendment Proposal to the ballot that, if passed by the voters, would add a second Assembly member to represent the urban core, a long fought effort to secure equal representation – equal rights, benefits, and responsibilities for our district.

  • Ongoing effort to develop and implement short- and long-term responses to homelessness that will restore our public spaces by compassionately helping homeless individuals find a path out of our parks and off the streets, to reduce crime, and ensure the public health and safety

  • Continued effort to implement the Gambell Street Redevelopment Plan as an outcome of the State’s next Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities Downtown Anchorage Planning and Environmental Linkages Study.  Successfully moved the project and $5 million dollars into the Muni Transportation Improvement Program.

  • Helped transform People Mover, Anchorage’s signature public transit system, to focus routes on more urban areas, increasing key routes from hourly to every 15 minutes and operating smaller size buses that can operate in smaller neighborhoods, making the system substantially more responsive to neighborhood needs. 

  • Worked hard to provide the fiduciary discipline to secure a AAA Bond rating while increasing the residential property tax exemption to provide relief to the taxpayer.

  • Supported the creation of an abandoned property funds to provide the resources necessary for Code Enforcement to clean up abandoned property.

  • Co-chair of the Assembly Enterprise & Utility Oversight Committee, tackling the big -- the crisis at the Port of Alaska.  I have worked to bring together Port Management, the Mayor’s Administration, the Assembly, Port Users, and other stakeholders including the state and federal government to develop a unified path to Port Modernization including a rational and achievable scope and plan of finance.  I intend to reduce the project cost by $1 billion dollars.

Paid for by Christopher Constant for Anchorage  133 E Harvard Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501